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Factors That May Influence Which Wall Clock You Buy

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A large wall clock can be a functional and visually appealing accessory to hang in your home. There are many different rooms that can benefit from the addition of a wall clock, including your living room, your bedroom, and even your bathroom. When you shop for a clock, you'll undoubtedly gravitate toward certain designs — including those that you know will suit the look of the room in which you plan to hang the clock. Before you proceed with buying a wall clock, however, it's a good idea to evaluate a short list of factors. Here are three factors that are especially important to keep in mind.

Sound Of The Clock

Some wall clocks operate silently, while others produce an audible "tick tock" sound as the second hand makes it way around the clock. Some people appreciate a wall clock that operates in silence, while others like hearing the "tick tock" sound. Think about your preference in this regard, as well as where you'll be using the clock. If you're going to hang the clock in your bedroom or in a home office, you might prefer the silent kind. A wall clock in a busier part of your home such as the kitchen, meanwhile, can produce a sound without bothering anyone.

Ability To Clean It

If you take pride in keeping your home as clean as possible, keep this topic in mind as you evaluate different wall clocks that catch your eye. A clock with a glass cover is easy to clean. A quick swipe with a dusting rag or an occasional spray of glass cleaner can be effective for keeping the clock looking its best. An open-face wall clock, meanwhile, can be more challenging to clean. Each of the many small surfaces on an open-face clock can gather dust, requiring more time to keep it tidy.

Placement In A Sunny Area

Think about where you'll be hanging your clock and consider how much direct sunlight that part of the room gets. If the sun shines in a nearby window and reflects brightly on the wall in question, a clock with a shiny glass surface may have a glare that makes it difficult to see the time or that might reflect in your face while you're watching TV, for example. Conversely, an open-face clock can be perfect in a sun-soaked area because it doesn't have glass that reflects the sunlight. By considering each of these factors, you'll be able to make an informed decision about which wall clock to buy.

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