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Four Tips For Choosing Your Child's First Halloween Costume

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Shopping for your baby's first Halloween costume can be a lot of fun. You get to make all of the decisions on what they wear because they are not old enough to choose for themselves. When choosing a costume for them to wear, there are certain things to take into consideration to ensure that they are as safe and comfortable as they can be. The following guide walks you through some things to consider when choosing a costume for your infant to wear this Halloween.

Consider the Weather in Your Area

Most Halloween events take place at dusk when the temperature starts to drop slightly. If you live in an area that is prone to colder temperatures, you need to be sure that you pick a costume for your little one that will keep him or her snug and warm throughout the time they are wearing it.

Consider the Material that Will Touch Your Child's Skin

Halloween costumes are often available in many different materials. You need to take the time to find a costume that is made from materials that will not irritate your child's skin. Choose cotton or fleece materials for your infant to wear, as they feel soft against the skin and often do not cause irritation.

Consider How the Costume Fits

There are some infant costumes that are sold based on the length of the child. If you are ordering a costume online, be sure to actually measure your child to ensure that the costume will fit him or her properly. You do not want to buy any costumes that have restrictive cuffs around the wrists or ankles as they could be too tight and cause discomfort for your child, as well.

Consider the Ability to Easily Change a Diaper

Remember that you will need to change your child's diaper throughout the night. Look for a costume that offers you easy access to your child's diaper so that you do not have to take off the entire costume every time you need to change their diaper. Look for costumes with snaps or fasteners near the diaper area for easy diaper changing.

If you take these things into consideration, your infant should be able to enjoy their first Halloween in comfort. It is best to try the costume on him or her a few days before you plan for them to actually wear it to ensure that it fits them well.

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