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Tips To Choosing The Right Bulletproof Armor Plates

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The idea of prepping is increasing in popularity and this means an increase in personal protection. One of the many areas of self-protection deals with body armor. Body armor and body armor plates are important aspects of your self-defense and need special consideration. If you have never purchased bulletproof armor plates before, here are some tips on choosing the right ones for your needs. Level of Protection The first thing to consider when you begin looking for bulletproof armor plates is the level of protection you need. Read More»

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Liquidation Sales

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Everyone loves a bargain, so it’s easy to go overboard when liquidation sales are ongoing. You can get the most out of liquidation items for sale when you go shopping if you follow these tips. Make a list of what you’re after It’s easy to get lured into all those liquidation prices, especially when items are advertised as being practically free in price. Make a list of what you’re really after so you don’t spend all your money on items you weren’t even planning to get in the first place just because they’re cheap. Read More»

Pro Tips When Selling Vintage Costume Jewelry To Buyers

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You may have collected vintage costume jewelry for a period of time and then realized you need to downsize your collection. There are plenty of buyers willing to take these pieces off your hands, fortunately. Just make sure you take these steps when completing this special jewelry transaction. Look For Buyers Willing to Accept Any Condition One thing to note about vintage costume jewelry is some of the pieces may be really old. Read More»

Here's Why You Should Consider Investing In A Pair Of Hemp Fiber Sunglasses

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Sunglasses make it more comfortable and even safer to spend time under the bright sun. Nowadays, there is a new hemp option available that should be seriously considered. Hemp fiber sunglasses work just the same as traditional sunglasses do, but with some added benefits. Here are just a few good reasons to consider investing in a pair of hemp fiber sunglasses for yourself or a loved one: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Read More»