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3 Creative Ways To Decorate With Shadow Boxes

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Finding unique and creative ways to decorate your home can be both exciting and a little challenging. If you are looking for a simple and functional design element to incorporate into your home, the shadow box could be a viable solution. Adding shadow boxes to your interior design allows you to diversify your home's decor.

Here are three creative ways that you can decorate with shadow boxes in the future:

1. Use shadow boxes in a child's room.

Shadow boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can take advantage of larger shadow boxes by incorporating them into the design of a child's room. Large shadow boxes can be mounted to the wall and then filled with various toys that your child enjoys.

Not only will the toys serve as creative wall art, but the shadow boxes will provide additional storage space that will help keep favorite toys easily accessible and off the floor when they are not in use.

2. Use a shadow box as a coffee table.

Coffee tables can be used in many different rooms to provide a surface on which you can place remote controls, magazines, and books. Since coffee tables tend to anchor furniture groupings together, these tables can be focal points in a room's design.

You can make your coffee tables more interesting by using a shadow box instead of a traditional table. Adding legs to a large shadow box allows you to place objects of interest within the box to display in your home. A simple piece of glass placed on the top protects the objects inside the shadow box and creates a functional surface for your new coffee table.

3. Use shadow boxes to add dimension.

While shadow boxes were originally intended to hold important objects, you don't have to fill shadow boxes with anything. If you want to create a more modern interior, you can place empty shadow boxes on your walls to add dimension to a room.

Shadow boxes come in a variety of geometric shapes, allowing you to utilize these versatile frames to create a unique and intriguing design on the walls of your home. Paint the shadow boxes in a bright color for some contrast, or create a monochromatic look by painting them the same color as your walls.

Investing in some shadow boxes gives you access to a versatile design element. Use shadow boxes in a child's room, as a coffee table, or to add dimension to a blank wall inside your home in the future.

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