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Eight Creative And Cool Things You Can Do With Your Color Printer

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Got a color printer? Maybe it is time to upgrade and invest in one; a color printer can save you endless hours at print-shops and provide a fun way to make personalized projects and gifts. If you don't have a color printer in your home or office, now could be the time to buy one!

Eight creative and cool things you can do with a color printer are:

  1. Make your own business cards. Business cards can get pricey; make your own using card-stock and your color printer! Even if you don't have a business, make personalized cards with contact information to distribute and disseminate in social situations, work searches, or among your neighbors.
  2. Print out invitations. Throw a party the old-fashioned way: with invitations! It is all-too common for hosts to email their guests; make an impression by sending a handcrafted invitation that you made through the postal service.
  3. Create a custom greeting card. Don't get caught without the perfect greeting card for any occasion- make your own! You have access to literally millions of images online and with a color printer, you can create messages, use unique fonts, and brighten it up with color for your own custom greeting card.
  4. Enlarge and copy photographs. Got a priceless photograph? Make copies of it and share with loved ones that will love and appreciate the gesture. Plus, you can make any size on your printer at home, too!
  5. Make a colorful banner. Create a colorful banner for a party or for a surprise event on your home printer. Typically, if you are using regular-sized paper, you will want to print one letter per page; attach to a length of string, garland, or twine to suspend and make the announcement.
  6. Save money on stationery. Print-out unique stationery, envelopes, and postcards on your printer. Find fun images and print them using a transparent image so that it is visible but not overwhelming to your text or handwritten message.
  7. Compile images for collages. Start saving photos to make your own unique photo collage to frame or give as a gift. A color printer allows you to play with the size, clarity, and colors of your original images to make your collage just the way you want it.
  8. Label kids' stuff to prevent loss. Start making labels on an adhesive stock to use in your children's clothing, books, and supplies for the school year.

There are so many ways to use a color printer at home; think of the oodles of projects that you can personalize around your home. Make this the time to upgrade and invest in a color printer for your home office, family room, or crafting closet. You will save not only money from making these things yourself, but the time and effort it takes to work with professional printers. 

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