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Are You Prepared? 4 Items You'll Need For Your Emergency Shelter

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With all the disasters that are happening around the world, are you prepared to survive? You might have your food storage, your water, and your first aid kit, but do you have the other essential items you'll need to survive? If you're not sure, than you probably don't. Some of the survival equipment you'll need might even be items you hadn't thought about. Unfortunately, that could leave you out in the open in a real emergency. To help you prepare for survival during an emergency, here are four items you need to have on hand at all times.

Portable Tactical Lantern

When it comes to survival mode, you're going to need a light source. That doesn't mean you'll need flashlights, although those are important to have on hand. You're going to need a light source that will fully illuminate the area around you. That's where a portable tactical lantern comes in to play. Your portable tactical lantern is battery operated and will illuminate your entire bug-out camp. You can also find portable lanterns that are dual powered, meaning when your batteries run out, you can recharge your lantern using a hand-crank. Contact a company like PRO-4MARKETING LLC to learn more.

Sturdy Survival Pack

You may have a bug-out pack prepared, but if you don't have a survival pack, you're only partially prepared. For a full-out emergency, you're going to need a sturdy survival pack—one that has plenty of space for all your gear. You're also going to need to pack it with some essential equipment, which should include a portable hand shovel and a survival knife. You never know when you'll need those items, but in an emergency, you'll need to have them on hand.

Parachute Cord

If you don't have a generous supply of parachute cord, or para-cord, you'll need to pick some up as soon as possible. Para-cord isn't just for tying things up, although it is good for that. Para-cord is good for a multitude of uses. For instance, you can unravel a portion and use it as fishing line.

Heavy-Duty Tarp

The final piece of survival equipment you'll need, which you might have overlooked, is a heavy-duty tarp. Not only can your tarp be used as a ground cover, but it can also be used as an emergency shelter, especially if you have your para-cord on hand. In an emergency, you might not have access to shelter. However, if you have para-cord and a heavy-duty tarp, you can make your own.

Don't get caught off-guard in an emergency. While you're gathering your food and other essential items that you'll need during a natural disaster, gather the items on the list provided above. You'll have everything you need for your emergency shelter.