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Why a Dollhouse Makes an Ideal Gift for the Child in Your Life

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If you're looking for a perfect gift for a child in your family, then consider buying a dollhouse. A dollhouse is a classic child's toy that can provide hours of fun. A love of dollhouses and miniatures can even last a lifetime. A basic dollhouse and a dollhouse family is all your child needs to start. Your child's imagination can supply the rest. Here's why a dollhouse is a great gift and how to choose a good one.

Why a Dollhouse Is a Good Gift for a Child

A dollhouse is like a blank canvas. Your child can use it to spark his or her imagination to create an endless number of adventures and daily scenarios. The child can learn about the world and the functions of a family and daily life through a dollhouse as he or she recreates the activities unfolding in his or her own daily life. The child can also make up wild and fantastic adventures that have no ground in reality. A dollhouse is both an outlet for imagination and also a place to act out thoughts and feelings. Plus, it can provide years of use since it can be constantly updated with new furnishings and new additions to the family.

How To Buy a Good Dollhouse

Consider your child's age when buying a dollhouse. While your child will become more dexterous as he or she ages, a large house that is easy for small hands to manipulate is important for the toddler years, or frustration may ensue. Also, consider the furnishings inside the home. A small home with tiny furnishings isn't a good idea for young kids that still put toys in their mouths. If your child is a toddler, then consider a large, basic dollhouse that contains a few large dolls. You can add to the house as the child grows.

The most important thing is to buy a dollhouse made from solid wood so it is strong and durable enough to last for years. Wooden toy dollhouses come in many styles. They range from basic and inexpensive ones to houses that are well-detailed and look like miniature homes. Some dollhouses even have working lights and other fine details. A wooden dollhouse is strong enough to survive the toddler years, and its appearance can be changed with paint as the years pass. These dollhouses typically have an entire wall open on the back so your child can reach inside easily to change furniture and move the dolls around.

If the house and dolls are large enough, your child can change the dolls' clothes, and you can add accessories to the house such as a car or outdoor pool. Having a dollhouse makes it easy to come up with useful gifts throughout the year since you can always buy fun additions for the home for as many years as your child maintains interest in the dollhouse. Having a dollhouse can eliminate the need for a box full of other toys that rarely get used.