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Four Time-Saving Tips When Shopping At An Outdoor Mall

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Outdoor malls provide a wonderful shopping experience. You get to enjoy the great outdoors while you browse for the items you need. But when you are in a hurry, shopping at an outdoor mall can be challenging. Here are four time-saving tips for shopping at an outdoor shopping center when you don't have extra hours to burn.

1. Park near the store you want to visit.

Before you even venture out to the mall, look up a map online. Pay attention to where the store you want to visit is located, and then locate the parking lot closest to that store. This will help you save time walking to the store from your car. If you need to visit several stores, park closest to the one you want to visit first.

2. Eat before you go.

It's so easy to get tempted by the delicious pretzels, smoothies, and other treats at an outdoor mall. Before you know it, you're sitting by the fountain eating a donut, and the hours are ticking by. Eat before you go to the mall. This will not only keep you from wasting time at the snack stand, but will also help keep your mind focused so you move through the stores more quickly.

3. Ask for the items you need.

When you get to the actual store you plan on visiting, do not waste time browsing about and searching for the item you need. Ask a store associate where it is and they will point you in the right direction. This is even more important in a big department store than in a smaller specialty shop. If you cannot find the item you want in your preferred size or color, ask if they have it in the back rather than wasting time browsing at other stores.

4. Only bring the money you want to spend. 

Take the money for the items you plan to buy out of your wallet, and leave the rest of your wallet in the glove box of your car. This way you won't be tempted to pick up a few more things -- and spend more money doing so -- while you're at the mall. 

With the tips above, your trip to the outdoor mall does not have to be a half-day experience. Remember to wear your walking shoes and shop with a purpose. The items you need are there -- the secret is to find them quickly.