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Benefits Of Choosing Daily Contacts Over Longer Wear Options

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If you wear contact lenses and want to make sure that your wear experience is an easy and painless one, then think about switching to daily wear contacts. These contacts are changed every single day, and the old ones are thrown in the garbage. It is wise to arrange for a delivery of the lenses through the mail so that you are sure that you always have your contacts available to you. If you want to know more about the benefits of daily wear contacts, keep reading.

Fewer Deposits

If you are used to wearing longer wear contacts and notice that your vision is not as clear and bright as it should be, then there is a good chance that the contacts contain a thick buildup of calcium deposits. The deposits are hard to remove through cleaning, and most people may not even notice them there until they change to new contact lenses. Daily wear contacts form far fewer deposits, and this translates into much clearer vision. 

While the contacts will have less debris built up on the lenses, you should make sure that you thoroughly rinse them before you put them in. Always wash and dry your hands first then spray your cleaning solution over each lens before you place them in your eyes. Also, you want to inspect each lens before inserting it to make sure they are free of rips, tears, and other types of damage. If you see any damage, then discard the lens and open up a fresh and new package.

If you suffer from allergies, then daily disposable contacts are a great option since they do not hold allergens like traditional contacts. You should still be using your allergy eye drops to minimize itching and soreness though.

They Are More Convenient

If you currently use the traditional contact lenses that need to be replaced every two weeks, then you know that you need to store the contacts in a case every night. New fluid must be placed in the case, and the case itself must be sanitized often to reduce the number of bacteria that build within it. This can be inconvenient, and if you forget your case when traveling, then you may need to make a late-night visit to your local drug store for a new one. 

With daily contacts, there is no need for a case, because you will not be saving the contacts. You simply need to open a new package and can throw out the old ones when you are done with them.

If you want to know more about daily contacts and whether or not they are the correct choice for you, get in touch with your contact lens delivery service today.