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Planning A Bachelorette Party? 3 Accessories To Include In Gift Bags

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If your best friend is getting married and you are the maid of honor, then it's your responsibility to throw things for her like a bachelorette party. If you are going somewhere either tropical like the beach or warm and sunny like Las Vegas, then you need to make sure that you pack some goody bags for each of the girls. From a trucker hat to beach totes, this article will go over three accessories to gift all of the girls at the bachelorette party. 

1. Trucker Hat

Trucker hats are a fun accessory to give all of the girls and they are useful too. When everyone is drinking by the pool, the trucker hat will shield their faces and prevent them from getting a sunburn. Plus, you can get ones that are embroidered like a tanned and tipsy women's trucker hat. Another great thing about trucker hats is that they have an adjustable back so it can fit every size of head. 

2. Flip-Flops

Another fun accessory to include in the gift bag is some flip-flops. Rubber flip-flops are not only affordable but you can also find them imprinted on the bottom with words like "bridesmaid" or "bride." The best thing about flip-flops is they are super comfortable, and if you are doing a lot of drinking, you won't have to worry about spraining an ankle while you're wearing high heels. 

3. Beach Totes

What else are you going to pack all of these fun goodies in other than a cute beach tote? Beach totes are not only a really fashionable trend right now, but they will also be something that the girls will actually use when they are hanging out or going to the pool. One thing to consider when getting beach totes is to keep them plain and simple; that way, everyone can use them past the bachelorette party and for the rest of the summer. 

In addition to getting these accessories and putting them together for the party, make sure that you add some other fun things in there like some mini bottles of alcohol, a water bottle, and even some snacks. If you want your friend to know how much you care about her, then throw her an epic bachelorette party that she won't soon forget. Plus, when you take the time to do special things like gift bags, it will show her even more how much you love her.