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Trouble Wearing Sandals? Try Rope Sandals!

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Have you been struggling to find a pair of sandals that you can wear all summer long without your feet hurting? There are many people that just can't wear just any pair of sandals, but there's one type of sandal that works well for just about everyone – rope sandals. If you've never looked into rope sandals before, it's time to do so now. Here, you'll find a bit of information that may persuade you to order your very first pair of rope sandals.

What are rope sandals?                    

Rope sandals are just what they sound like they'd be – they are sandals that are made out of rope. The rope is carefully wound around to shape the shoe and the shoe is finished with a durable, soft rubber sole.

When you first put these sandals on your feet, they might not feel quite as comfortable as you had hoped, but after you wear them for a couple of weeks, the ropes begin to form to your feet – this is when the true comfort begins. The more you wear these shoes, the better fitting they will become – you'll have very lightweight, perfectly formed sandals to wear all summer long.

Are the sandals true to size?

You will have to check with the manufacturer or store where you buy them. There are various brands and some are true to size, while others might not be. Generally speaking, the website should provide you with measurements to help you find your exact fit.

Can these sandals be worn in water?

Absolutely – you can wear these sandals just about anywhere you'd want to. One thing to remember though, is if you're wading in salt-water, make sure to rinse the shoes off well after you're done. This will help to remove the salt and prevent white residue from forming in the ropes.

Can these sandals be washed?

Again, this might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally, yes – they can be washed right in your washing machine at home, though many people recommend that they be washed by hand. Either way, they'll come nice and clean and you'll get several summers out of them before you'll need to replace them.

Don't consider sandals to be something you can't wear. You just have to find the sandals meant to fit your feet. Rope sandals, such as from Dave's Discount Rope Sandals, will give you a very good chance at finding the sandals your feet will feel comfortable in and that you will love.