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Are You Christmas Shopping On A Tight Budget?

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Do you have a generous heart but a very lean bank account? That could pose a serious problem when you're shopping for Christmas presents, right? Maybe you have already decided what you'll give those on your Christmas list this year. If that's true, then you don't need to keep reading. 

However, maybe your idea tank is as empty as your bank account. From dedicating a star for people on your Christmas list to making a simple craft, here are some ideas that might help you to give Christmas gifts that are full of meaning.

Dedicate A Star - Go outside at night and look at the amazing vista high above you. Who do those stars belong to? They certainly don't belong to a corporation or even to an important religious figure. That means you can claim stars as gifts for those on your Christmas list, can't you? 

The important part of your star dedication is what accompanies it. For example, maybe you are giving a star to your sweetheart. If that's the case, on Christmas Eve, or on another night right before Christmas, plan to take your sweetheart to a secluded place where you can point out the star that you have selected for him or her. Explain why you chose that particular star. Maybe you have selected a star that shines brighter than the other ones. If so, it's obvious that you could tell your sweetheart that he or she shines brightly in your heart. 

Maybe you are giving a star to your mother that is especially close to other stars. Then take your mother out on Christmas Eve and tell her that you selected that star because she was always close to you and the other members of your family.

Think of writing your thoughts down on paper, perhaps on a pretty Christmas card. That way you will be giving tangible proof that a star has been dedicated to that particular person. Learn more about how to dedicate a star for someone

Make A Craft Gift - Remember how you would make snowflakes out of paper when you were a little child? For Christmas, think of making those snowflakes out of beautiful heavy paper. You might even think of putting polyurethane on the paper snowflakes to make them sturdier. Now punch a hole at the top of the snowflake, tie a red or a gold ribbon through it and it is suddenly a pretty Christmas tree ornament.

Or, make a Baby Jesus In A Nutshell out of salt dough. Talk about a gift that costs almost nothing, right? Again, the words that accompany either the Baby Jesus or the snowflake will be part of your gift.