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Three Ways To Make A Virtual Graduation Ceremony Memorable

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With junior high school, high school, and college graduates participating in virtual commencement ceremonies, schools are faced with a unique problem. They must find ways to make these virtual ceremonies special for all participants. A bit of creative thinking can help these students celebrate their accomplishments while maintaining social distance. Here are some options to consider for your school.

Remote Learning Stoles

Students graduating during the COVID-19 pandemic faced challenges no one could have anticipated, and it's important to recognize the potential struggles they have had to overcome to graduate. Consider ordering graduation stoles to commemorate this unique learning experience. You can have them embroidered with the graduation year and a small phrase referencing each student's remote learning status. These stoles become instant mementos to pass down through generations, as they will likely be unique to the current graduating classes.

Specialized Graduation Cords

If your school has offered remote, hybrid, and in-person learning options, consider letting each student display his or her learning plan with a graduation cord. You can assign a specific color to each learning path to help students signify the challenges and successes they've had throughout the school year. Consider issuing these cords to faculty members who might have taught from home or taught remote and in-person learners simultaneously to recognize their unique experiences during the school year.

Graduate Yard Signs

Some students and families may have a hard time dealing with the lack of a traditional graduation, but your school can help ease this blow with the distribution of graduate yard signs. Work with a custom printer to have signs created with your school's name, mascot, and the graduation year. Offer a personalized option to each student to include his or her name for a final finishing touch. Families can display these signs in their front yards to show the whole neighborhood their pride in the current year's graduates. These signs also create perfect backdrops for socially distanced graduation photoshoots, and they can be customized with balloons and other decorations if the families choose to do so.

All of these items should be shipped to your students well in advance of your virtual graduation ceremony. This provides time for photoshoots and gives students plenty of time to prepare their final look for the virtual ceremony. Be sure to record the graduation and make that video available for all family members who want a copy so everyone can share in this special day.