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Less-Usual Products To Look For At Your Local CBD Store

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The classic CBD products are everywhere — CBD gummies, CBD oil, and CBD tincture. You also see a lot of topical creams and ointments. These products are popular because they're versatile and they work well, and those are absolutely good reasons to purchase them. However, CBD companies are known to be innovative. And you can have a lot of fun trying out their new innovations! Here are some more specialized products to try if you see them at your local CBD store.

CBD Bubble Bath

What could be more relaxing than a bubble bath? Most people take bubble baths at the end of a long day when they're ready to kick back and chill. Add some CBD to the experience, and it becomes even more relaxing. So, if you see some CBD bubble bath at your CBD store, buy it and set it aside for your next solo, relaxation experience.

CBD Sugar

Have you ever thought of baking with CBD? It's a fun way to make brownies, cookies, and other tasty treats that also have therapeutic benefits. If you do plan on baking with CBD, look for some CBD sugar at your local shop. It's just sugar that has been infused with CBD. Use it in any recipe like you would use regular sugar.

CBD Sunscreen

Are you tired of layering product after product on your face each morning? Between moisturizer, sunscreen, and any makeup you may wear, it's no wonder you're hesitant to also add a CBD product to your routine. But if you use CBD sunscreen, it's a lot easier. You just use it in place of your regular sunscreen, and you get all of the benefits of topical CBD without having to apply any more products. CBD sunscreen keeps the sun from aging your skin, and it also eases the appearance of any wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots that you already have. 

CBD Potato Chips

Step aside, CBD gummies. CBD potato chips just might be the next best snack food. They're great for munching when you're sitting in front of your favorite movie, just trying to chill out. CBD is easily added to potato chips since it's fat-soluble and potato chips are fried in fat. The flavor of the CBD is also easily hidden by the potato chip seasoning, which is good news if you're not a huge fan of CBD's earthiness.

CBD can be found in all sorts of fun products. Venture out of your comfort zone, and enjoy.