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4 Advantages Of Beeswax Ear Candles Over Paraffin Options

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As you shop for an ear candling kit, you will come across two common varieties. Candles are either made of beeswax or paraffin. Despite looking similar, the candle materials have several differences you should consider. Overall, ear candles made with beeswax are the better option. Learn about the advantages of beeswax when compared to paraffin.

1. Slower Burn Time

The longer a candle burns in an ear kit, the more wax and debris the candle can pull out. If a candle burns down too quickly, then the heat may come too close to the ear and the process needs to end earlier. A beeswax candle will burn longer than a paraffin candle. The length of time gives you more value when you use each kit.

You do not want to waste multiple candles on the same ear when one slow-burning candle should provide enough burn time to clean out all of the wax.

2. Eco-Friendly

Beeswax candles are made out of all-natural beeswax. There are no other ingredients used, and the product is biodegradable. When you use beeswax ear candles, you can compost the rest of the candle or find a way to recycle the waste.

Paraffin candles are a petroleum-based product that relies on oils to create candle wax. When the candles burn, you are essentially polluting the air with chemicals that come from the candles. Along with petroleum, the candles could contain other ingredients that are known pollutants. You may not even know the full list of ingredients used within the candles.

3. Drip Resistant

Not only do beeswax candles burn longer and are a natural part of the environment, but the candles are drip-resistant. Because the wax burns more slowly, you do not need to worry about hot wax dripping on your face as you use an ear candling kit. The wax sustains its shape without creating a big mess.

Paraffin candles will feature a lot more wax as the petroleum products return to their liquid state. The candle wax often appears more watery and runny than a beeswax candle.

4. Cleaner Burns

When you use an ear candle, you want to avoid a lot of smoke and soot that could irritate you. While every candle gives off smoke and soot, beeswax candles have a much cleaner burn that results in less smoke and soot. The use of beeswax means the candle will burn evenly.

With a paraffin candle, you could have moments where the candle burns dark smoke or creates extra soot.

Look for the candle type as you shop for ear candling kits. A beeswax kit will give you a better experience overall.

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