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Tips To Choosing The Right Bulletproof Armor Plates

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The idea of prepping is increasing in popularity and this means an increase in personal protection. One of the many areas of self-protection deals with body armor. Body armor and body armor plates are important aspects of your self-defense and need special consideration.

If you have never purchased bulletproof armor plates before, here are some tips on choosing the right ones for your needs.

Level of Protection

The first thing to consider when you begin looking for bulletproof armor plates is the level of protection you need. For example, if you will be using them as protection in your day-to-day life, then you may only need a lower level of protection. However, if you will be hunting or if you are concerned about other more serious issues then you may need to consider a higher level. Levels of protection with body armor and plates are based on the types of bullets you may encounter. Level 2, the lowest level, consists of 9mm, 45 ACP, and other common bullets. Level 4 will stop bullets of all other levels and includes 30.06 as well. 


The materials for your bulletproof armor plates must also be considered. There are many materials, but your considerations are not for the look or feel of the material as they would be for clothing. The materials you choose can add to the weight of the body armor. This can be a vital consideration if you are hunting or wearing the armor throughout the day. You also need to consider that some materials may weaken the armor slightly. 

Plate Backers

Plate backers are small cushion pieces that fit behind your armor plates. This makes the plates more comfortable to wear in your body armor. The plate backers also help to cushion the blow if you are struck by a bullet. Keep in mind, if you are hit your bulletproof armor plates may stop it. You will take a hard hit even with the bullet stopped. This hit can knock you backwards and even off your feet. The small amount of cushion a plate backer offers is noticeable and helpful. 

When you begin buying your bulletproof armor plates and other equipment, make sure you know what you are looking for. If you need specific safety ratings, sizes, or other considerations make sure to note those before you begin making purchases. Also, make sure you have the items you need to take care of the purchases and maintain them when and when not in use. You can buy all of these materials from reputable self-defense companies. 

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