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Make These Base Decisions When You Order A Corporate Plaque

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When you plan to order a custom plaque, your first thoughts will likely be about the material and shape of the plaque, as well as how you want the custom engraving to look. These details are important, but you'll also want to give some thought to the plaque's base if you're ordering a type that will sit on a shelf. Corporate plaque companies have all sorts of different base options that can help to augment the overall look of the plaque. Here are some base decisions that you'll need to make before you place your order.

Base Material

One thing that you might not realize is that the base of the corporate plaque doesn't necessarily have to match the main part of the plaque. While some people might like these two pieces to match — a glass plaque with a glass base, for example — you may like the idea of going in a different direction. For example, some people will want a metal base beneath a glass plaque. Another option is to have a material that mimics stone as the base of a wooden or metal plaque. Browse some sample images on the plaque company's website to get inspiration.


Just as it's important to think carefully about the shape of the plaque itself, you should also think about what shape you want the base to be. The shape of the base will be highly visible, so you want to ensure that you make a choice that augments the overall look of the plaque. Some people like the base to offer a contrasting look. For example, if the plaque has an oval shape, a rectangular base can provide some stylish contrast.


It's possible to have the base of your custom plaque be several different sizes. There are lots of factors to consider. If the upright part of the plaque will be large, you'll want to have a larger base so that the plaque won't be at risk of tipping over. It's useful to think about where you'll display the plaque once you receive it. If you plan to place it on a shelf that is on the narrower side, for example, you'll want to ensure that the base is shallow enough that it doesn't hang off the front edge of the shelf. Visit the website of a custom corporate plaque company to check out different plaque examples and choose your ideal design.